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    Though it's taken a while for me to get to it, as promised I am focusing this post on self-study material for Project 2010. For those of you who might be wondering what Project 2010 is all about, the following brief definition may be useful. "Select the right tools for today and tomorrow. Microsoft...
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    As promised, now that I've finished producing the 7-part series on self-study items for the System Center 2012 suite of products, I am circling back and consolidating these separate parts into a single study guide. This post is for those who prefer to have all of their System Center 2012 study resources...
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    This study guide is for those who wish to become familiar with Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP) and System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP). As always, these resources are available online and free of charge. Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP)/System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP...