Step to perform Database Portability:



I have worked with many customer where they are concern about the exact steps of Database Portability feature.


I have tested below solution in my lab and it was 100% successful. Please find below steps for database portability to restore a database on another server.



  • Old server and database name: Database1/MBX1
  • New server and database name: Database2/MBX2



We will dismount database1 on MBX1 server and will restore it on MBX2 server with help of Exchange 2010 database Portability feature.


  1. Dismount the Database1 in Exchange 2010 Server MBX1 (Or shutdown the mailbox server).
  2. Run the Eseutil /MH Database1.Edb and Make sure it’s in Clean shutdown state (Please ignore this step if shutting down the server)
  3. Create new Mailbox database “database2” on MBX2 and Mount it.
  4. Dismount the “database2” on MBX2.
  5. Clear .edb, transaction logs and and Check point Files ( *.Chk). for “Database2”
  6. Manually Copy/restore the Database1.edb to Mailbox Database Location with Same name (If restored database perform step no 2 on restored database).
  7. Rename Database1.edb to Database2.edb
  8. Run the command

Set-MailboxDatabase Database2 -AllowFileRestore:$true

  1. Mount the Store.
  2. Run below cmdlet:

Get-mailbox –Database database1 | Set-Mailbox –Database database2

  1. It will come up with a popup to enter “Y/N”
  2. As we have more than one user we can hit “A” to do yes to all users.
  3. Log in to one of the user account and they must be able to see their old emails.
  4. Task complete.


Restoring back to the old server:


  • Please perform the same steps.


Note: Have to copy the latest database file while performing it to avoid any data loss or have to perform this after taking full backup.



Thank you,