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Reminder on upcoming update for Windows Update

Reminder on upcoming update for Windows Update

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Hi All,


Just a reminder, we are starting the Windows Update and Microsoft Update service upgrades today. The service upgrade will include updates to the online update services and the Windows Update (or Automatic Updates on XP) client code installed on your computer. As explained in our previous post, the upgrade will take several months to complete, and you don’t need to do anything on your own to complete the service upgrade. The client code will be updated automatically when needed, if your computer is configured to automatically check for updates, download updates, or install updates. If you have disabled updating and do not check for updates then the client code will not be updated automatically.


For more information, please refer to our previous post.



MU Team

  • "The client code will be updated automatically when needed, if your computer is configured to automatically check for updates, download updates, or install updates."

    I still don't understand why you think its ok to silently install things when your customers have specifically chosen the option "ask me before you install anything."  For many reasons, many people don't want random installations happening in the background of their machines without their knowledge.

    When you give us an option, we expect you to hold to your word and honour that option.

    A Critical Update saying "You must install this update to receive future notifications" would be a perfectly acceptable way of distributing this update without counteracting your customers' explicitly stated wishes.

  • Dear thingy.

    The privacy statement has said since day one that the underlying plumbing of automatic updates can and will be updated.

    This has not changed.  Period.

    I've never seen this fail or change setting on your computer system.

  • Well my new PC just started a reboot loop last night about 2:30 am.  I suspect the PC may have downloaded this new update and something happened.  Have sent in a trouble report to MS.  Anyone else seen any new reboot loop problems lately (since this latest update to Windows Update started to be distributed)?

    When it starts is comes up with a message that says Windows has detected a problem and is shutting down........Then it restarts, and same story.  Had to pull the plug.  This is a remote computer with UPS and is set to restart after a power fail is restored.

  • Today my computer asked for the update on this issue the necessary documents we need to keep the computer on the Internet are people keep their computers do not experience problems

  • very robust in this regard and his team is running certain Microsoft really is progressing so well every year and an operating system out lark in the future will no longer

  • Seems to me that the only thing that is being forced is the update client that every windows installation has. Whether you chose to actually use it or not is entirely up to the user. Nothing seems to have changed there at all.

    If you have Updates turned off and do a manual update, the client is installed automatically. Nothing new there at all. Windows XP has been doing that for as long as I can remember.

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  • What can we do if we have automatic updates on but the update fails allways? thanks

  • I red many articles about this and they all suggested to reinstall a fresh copy of windows, is this the best solution? Thanks a lot!

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