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Rollout start and client availability

Rollout start and client availability

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Hi Folks -  Noticed a little confusion from our blog post yesterday regarding the Windows Update Agent Update availability.  Last night's blog post was to give you some lead time before we started rolling out and making our standalone WUA update available.   We are on schedule to start the rollout Monday, 11/3/08.  Hope this helps and sorry for any confusion.

The MU Team

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  • The "confusion" has been related on the MSKB articles having been updated with links to download the standaolone of WUA 7.2.6001.788 while the download didn't work (resulting in a 404 not found error). That's fixed now.

  • hello! I seach Updates both offline(use '') and inline mode, but i cannot get any download link, please help me, thanks a lot!

    my code:

    LONG GetUpdateCollection(CComPtr<IUpdateSession2>& lpSession, CComPtr<IUpdateCollection>& lpUC, LPCWSTR lpwsSearchPack = NULL)throw(_com_error)


    LONG lCntUpdates = 0;

    CComPtr<IUpdateSearcher> lpSearcher;


    CComPtr<IUpdateServiceManager> lpManager;

    CComPtr<IUpdateService> lpSvc;

    if (NULL != lpwsSearchPack)








    BSTR bsSvcId = NULL;





    CComPtr<ISearchResult> lpSearchResult;

    CheckError(lpSearcher->Search(SysAllocString(L"AutoSelectOnWebSites = 1 and IsHidden = 0 and IsInstalled = 1"), &lpSearchResult));

    OperationResultCode rc;


    if (rc == orcSucceeded)



    CString str(_T("Update Info:"));


    if (lCntUpdates > 0)


    // too much item, so get first 6 items

    lCntUpdates = lCntUpdates > 6 ? 6 : lCntUpdates;

    for (LONG l = 0; l < lCntUpdates; ++l)


    CComPtr<IUpdate> lpUpdate;

    CheckError(lpUC->get_Item(l, &lpUpdate));

    CComBSTR bs = NULL;


    str += _T("\r\n");

    str += bs;


    CComPtr<IUpdateDownloadContentCollection> lpDCC;


    LONG lDCC = 0;


    if (lDCC > 0) // i get lDCC == 0 always :(


    CComPtr<IUpdateDownloadContent> lpDC;

    while (lDCC-- > 0)


    CheckError(lpDCC->get_Item(0, &lpDC));


    str += _T('\t');

    str += bs;



    str += _T("\r\n");





    return lCntUpdates;


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  • To the team, I have the latest standalone Windows Update Client package EXE file version 7.2.6001.788.

    Now how do I update the WSUS Self-Update tree with this latest version?

    We need Automatic Updates to update itself with the latest Windows Update Client version 7.2.6001.788.

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