imageEvery enduring technology has grown from a series of inflection points—points when evolutionary change becomes revolutionary change. We can look back on many such milestones in the chronicles of technologies associated with medicine, aviation, automobiles, broadcasting and numerous other arenas. Few have evolved as rapidly and dramatically, however, as the personal computer.

From its infancy as a programmable calculator through the development of the workstations, laptops, tablets and smartphones, personal computing has completely transformed virtually every aspect of the way people across the globe live, work, play, communicate and care for themselves.

Most recently, the Windows 8 operating system has revolutionized how the PC can be defined. People are rethinking their concepts of what a PC is and what it can do. Windows 8 devices put an end to the PC era of one-size-fits-all. The variety of devices has enlarged to incorporate a range of sizes, shapes and capabilities to help businesses meet varying challenges. With touch screens, long battery life, enterprise security, light weight, stylus support and other key business features all integrated into one powerful device, Windows 8 devices can be effortlessly lifted from a desktop configuration, carried easily in one hand as a tablet and employed in various forms to meet the needs of specific industries.

To see just how far the PC has evolved, download this infographic and look at the evolution of computing over the past 50 years. The latest devices are changing how business is done.