by Jenni Flinders, Vice President, Microsoft US Partner Group

Jenni%20Flinders%202010%2001_jpgAmerica has long been considered the world’s melting pot, blending various cultures, nationalities and ethnicities together. This diversity has long defined the “American” culture, with unique flavors working together to create a wonderful new dish. Similarly, my vision for, the channel is as technology’s melting pot – where diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences blend together to create one enhanced workforce. Much like you can pick out the hints of curry, bay leaves, and onion in beef curry soup, this melting pot highlights the unique flavors of each employee while delivering a more complete solution.

Diversity, in all of its forms, has always been an important subject to me, and it’s why I’m happy to announce we will be launching a diversity focus study through our People for Innovation group on the US Partner Community Yammer network. I’m excited about the conversations I’ve been having with partners around diversity, both one-on-one and at our WPC diversity events, and I’m eager to have more.

Through the coming weeks, questions will be posted to the Yammer group to engage the US community of partners and Microsoft professionals in discussions about diversity. Mixed in with these questions, we’ll release the findings from our questions and encourage dialogue on those findings.

The goal of this study, and the larger goal of the People for Innovation Yammer group, is to extend the traction we achieve each year at our diversity event during WPC. Every year I’ve seen the participation and attendance of this gathering grow, and these discussions will build upon the exciting plan we have for promoting diversity at WPC this summer. Our event is still being planned, and we’ll use the Yammer group to announce the details and invite you to join us.

Together, we can enhance the flavor and returns of our channel melting pot!

Yammer_coolgrey11Connect with me on the People for Innovation Yammer group and join the conversation. Instructions to join the US Partner Community Yammer network are here