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The New Microsoft Action Pack Subscription Debuts February 24

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October 2014 Update

Thank you for your interest in the Microsoft Action Pack subscription. The new Action Pack has been in market for several months now. You can learn more about your Action Pack opportunities and benefits on the partner portal. The short video below also provides an Action Pack overview.


Original post

The Microsoft Action Pack subscription has long provided many Microsoft Partner Network members with cost-effective access to internal use software licenses and technical, sales, and marketing resources. A few years ago, the Action Pack was updated to offer a choice between two editions, based on whether your business model was as a solution provider (build, install, service) or in the design and development of applications and web-based solutions.

As the market rapidly evolves, and as Microsoft shifts to its devices and services strategy, the Microsoft Partner Network is changing to better position our partners to build Microsoft-based practices that meet customer demands. There are program-wide changes that will take effect in February, and there are changes to our two primary membership options, the Microsoft Action Pack and MPN competencies. For competency requirements updates, read Julie Bennani’s blog post. For information about the new Action Pack, please read on.

The Microsoft Action Pack has been redesigned, and on February 24 we’ll switch on this new, robust, universal subscription model. Your subscription will help you capitalize on the growing cloud opportunities in small and medium businesses by providing you with access to marketing, technical, and readiness tools aligned to these partner business models:

  • Application development and design
  • Device design and development
  • Hosting
  • Managed services
  • Professional services
  • Reselling


  • Internal-use Microsoft software licenses to support up to a 10-person organization, deployed through Microsoft Cloud Services or on-premises software.
  • Access to online and telephone support for presales, technical, and deployment issues.
  • Developer tools, including Visual Studio, and MSDN subscriptions to support development across Microsoft platforms—desktop, phone, server, and web.
  • Bing Ads credits for you and your customers, to market products, services, and solutions.

Pages 10-12 in the downloadable Microsoft Partner Network disclosure guide provide you with more details about these changes.


The new Action Pack subscription will be priced at US $475.

Guidance for Current Subscribers

If you are already an Action Pack Solution Provider or Action Pack Development and Design subscriber, you will have access to the new benefits and resources starting February 24. No action from you is necessary until your next subscription renewal.

Guidance for Renewing Subscribers

If your Action Pack renewal date is approaching, you can renew your subscription up to 30 days prior to that date. If you are in your 30-day renewal timeframe, and complete your renewal before February 24, you’ll pay the current price and save on the first year of your subscription. You’ll have access to the new benefits and resources starting February 24.

If you need assistance with your renewal, the Partner membership forum in the Partner Support Community can help. You can request 1:1 communication with an agent.

Guidance for New Subscribers

Subscribe to the Action Pack before February 24, and pay the current price. You’ll save on the first year of your subscription, and get access to the new benefits and resources as soon as the new model goes live, on February 24.

If you need assistance with your new subscription, the partner membership forum in the Partner Support Community can help. You can request 1:1 communication with an agent.

  • I've already renewed at the lower rate. Have never really used all of the items available in the MAP. Paying an extra $150 for less benefit is not good. I make plans to move away from being an MS Partner. Also, please provide a real desktop OS. Windows 8 and 8.1 are terrible products. Can you imagine using a touch screen interface on a monitor which is 3 feet away????

  • Less and less software, more and more expensive. I don't subscribe for the support, I subscribe for the software access. I'm a grown up & I don't pirate OSes, but I do help small companies make purchasing decisions. Let me actually use this stuff & I can make a case to clients that they should upgrade. As it is I'm paying more and more for less and less access. This program is supposed to be helping me?

  • I found little use for the Action Pack so switched the technical subscription, which has now been terminated. OK so now I look at the Action Pack only to find it has outpriced my business needs as well. I have relied on the subscription to fulfill my knowledge needs of the product to help my customers. I am a Sole Proprietor in a remote rural location with over 300 customers... yes 300! I have argued the benefits of Microsoft over the years as a mainstream provider of services. I am thinking: Linux here I come. This pricing and lack of knowledge of the us small businesses that promote MS is really sickening. The lack of market knowledge is pervasive in Microsoft. It is about $'s first, not product and customer love and demand to drive the success of the corporation. Looks like ROI and beancounting is driving the business model. Good luck.

  • My clients do not use the cloud. This now to expensive for my shop to continue to purchase. I have been a MAPS office since the 90's and found it very helpful in my business. This is like Obamacare you get less for more.

  • I agree. That pricing is just out of line for the benefit provided.

  • I wish I could disagree with the previous posters.

  • What the?! I'm done. I'd say the marketing folks who priced this out don't have a clue what we "Partners" servicing small to mid-size customers need or want. Where is the value proposition in the $475? So now we will no longer subscribe, which in turn means we will no longer "learn" the product and will turn elsewhere for solutions to our customer's needs. Talk about back-ash-wards thinking.

  • Microsoft needs to do what they need for supporting there business model, I have been a partner with them since the 80's but that is coming to an end as they move forward with there strategy which does not include a viable future for my company and services. Without proper software testing tools at an affordable price for small firms like mine, I can no longer support the software platforms or provide a viable support structure, this will take out a huge support segment that MS has relied on in the past. Will continue to work with there products at a corporate/govt level but have no plans to implement anything further at this point without a reassessment of our needs vs product and move forward with other solutions in mind.

  • Very disappointing. My last year with Action Pack. I have clients who would rather use google docs than pay for the office suite because is so expensive. MS is going to price itself out of existence.

  • For $500 bucks I have all he software I need to run my business, it's a great value to me. My business exists to support Microsoft products, thank you Microsoft.

  • I am a one man on-site sales and service business. At $300 MAP was barely affordable. Now it is NOT. I didn't need all the bloatware that MS pushed on us. I only deal with home users and very small businesses that very few even use a server. Those that do only use file servers, with the exception of one of my customers. Why don't they create a MAP for businesses like mine? The latest versions of Windows, Small Business Server and Office.............that is all I need. I too have been a MAP subscriber for about 15 years, paying for stuff that I don't use, but MS just priced themselves out of the market. I am now going to look VERY hard at LINUX and may start offering it even to my home users.

  • Why should the destruction of MAPS due to overpricing surprise anyone? Just look at what MS did to Windows 8. MS is making a lot of bad decisions lately, which is not a good omen for them.

  • Microsoft has been losing customers due to badly designed operating system releases and apparently think they can recover some of their loses by raising prices on their loyal partners. If Munich, Germany can run their city on Linux programs so can the rest of the world. Websites that can't be used with Firefox, SeaMonkey, Chrome or any other the more popular non-Microsoft browsers will soon find themselves dropping to the bottom of the popularity list. I would renew now if I could but my renewal date is end of May. Thanks for nothing Microsoft. Like many of your "partners" I have been paying the tithe for many years and think we are in line for a little more consideration than a 30% price increase. I'm actively switching to Linux just a little sooner than I intended and will get my clients to do the same after I show them how much they can save by ditching Microsoft and that list is over 1,500 people. I also have helped a lot of people learn how to use their Chromebooks.

  • Did anyone notice the absence of any comments from Microsoft? They are not reading our comments. They are Microsoft. Take or leave it. PERIOD!!!

  • I renewed before the price hike but it now looks like that will be my last renewal. The return on investment has declined to the point that it is not worth remaining a subscriber.

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