By Peter K. Han, Microsoft Vice President of US OEM

imageTechnology OEMs have always known that form is just as important as function, but for many years, devices were regarded by the general marketplace as vehicles…not the drivers. But that one-dimensional perception of the “machines” many of you design and manufacture has changed dramatically in the last several years. Businesses and consumers are ravenous for touch-powered devices not (solely) for their cool factor, but because they support the way people want to live their lives.

And therein lies what makes the OEM space one of the greatest places to do business today. “Form” has assumed an elevated role in the technology kingdom for its ability to deliver software and services in an intuitive way for the fast-moving, multi-tasking, work-life balancing user. At Microsoft, we’re primed to help OEM partners—and the traditional partners working in conjunction with them—unearth and capitalize on new revenue streams offered by the new generation of devices and services.

While Microsoft is traveling a path toward diversifying our offerings, we are at the same time are incredibly focused on what users are requesting and expecting of their technology. This combination of innovation and our hallmark commitment to serving the customer is key to our joint success in the future. For example, our touch-built operating system, Windows 8, enables a whole new set of capabilities and opportunities in touch and tablet devices. New and exciting applications enabled by Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Embedded open up doors to new verticals and profit opportunities for each and every one of our partners.

On the services front, Microsoft Office allows a “work anywhere” workforce that can access documents and back-office systems securely through the cloud. This presents an opportunity for all members of the channel to develop devices, integrate solutions, or expand and launch new practice areas in response to an undeniably powerful trend requiring smart, responsive technology strategies for enterprise customers.

It’s been rewarding for me to observe our partner OEMs embrace our move toward a devices and service focus, and to speak with them about how they can best serve their customers in the new touch world. Microsoft wants to help you envision and capture the opportunities that come with our transformation—or are you already capturing some?

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