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February 2012

February 2012 Security Bulletin Webcast Q&A

Hosts:                  Pete Voss,Senior Response Communications Manager

                             Jonathan Ness, Security Development Manager

Website:             TechNet/security

Chat Topic:         February 2012 Security Bulletin Release

Date:                    Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Q: The bulletin page for MS12-016 indicates there are known issues to this bulletin listed in the KB article.
When I go to the linked KBs, I don't see any known issues listed? Where are they? 
A: The bulletin KB notes that if there are any known issues for a particular patch, they will be listed in the individual KBs for the corresponding patch, rather than being listed in the generic bulletin KB. In this case, there are currently no known issues with the bulletin.

Q: .NET is such an integrated component to the OS. It often happens when applying patches that impact applications that the update has to be removed, but hangs during the removal. Can Microsoft package a clean and efficient tool to clean up the .NETs that are on the system, or a clean uninstall / reinstall tool? 
A: Thanks for the feedback. We'll consider developing such a tool for broad release in the future.

Q: MS12-016's KB 2668562 is pending re-issue. KB 2633880, KB 2633870 and KB 2633873 didn't appear to be affected. Is it okay to push these KBs or should we wait for MS12-016 re-issue? In other words, will all four KBs be revised, or just KB 2668562
A: You are correct in stating that the detection issue with MS12-016 affected only the package for Silverlight 4, KB2668562. Note that the detection issue has already been resolved, so there is no need to delay approving all packages in the bulletin.

Q: Does MS12-011 apply at all to Office 365 SharePoint?
A: One of the advantages of subscribing to Office 365 is that Microsoft engineers handle all of the infrastructure and patching procedures around your environment. As an end user of Office 365 you do not need to worry about this security update. 

Q: Will MS12-014 affect loading or use of the Indeo codec for anything that still uses it? I know we had or maybe still have some old stuff that still uses it and it was a pain to get working.
A: No. On Windows Vista and newer platforms, the Indeo codec is disabled by default. On Windows XP SP3, the codec will continue to work properly.

Q: Will this SharePoint security fix be included in the SharePoint February cumulative update? 
A: Yes, MS12-011 will be included in SharePoint’s February cumulative update.

Q: Yesterday, when installing the updates for MS12-016, almost every XP and Windows 7 machine failed this update for Silverlight (not in .NET), with an error 0x80070643. Manually installing this update resulted in
the message, "same version is already installed". When will this be fixed? 
A: This was likely due to the detection issue noted yesterday with KB2668562. This has been corrected and should no longer occur. 

Q: I have Visio 2007 installed on Office 2010 and I am getting offered up the Visio 2010 viewer update. I'm assuming this is due to Office compatibility issues?
A: As mentioned in the bulletin, Visio Viewer is included with Office 2010 and will require the update.

Q: How can i tell if i have Silverlight installed on a mac? 
A: Details are in the bulletin FAQ, and this is what that says: On Apple Mac OS, the version and
build information of the currently installed version of Microsoft Silverlight
can be found as follows:

  • Open the Finder
  • Select the system drive and go to the folder Internet Plug-ins - Library
  • Right-click the file Silverlight.Plugin (if your mouse has only one button, press the Ctrl key while clicking on the file) to bring up the context menu, then click Show Package Contents.
  • Inside the contents folder, locate the file info.plist and open it with an editor. It will contain an entry that shows you the version number.

Q: Looking at MS12-015, the slide says this does not replace any updates. But if you look at the MS12-015
on the Microsoft Web Site it states that it replaces MS11-089. Does MS12-015 replace any other updates? 
A: For MS12-015 (Visio Viewer 2010), the older bulletin MS11-089 is superseded – but only for those systems running Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010.