MSRC Blog Team Bios

MSRC Blog Team Bios


Chris Betz
Chris Betz
Senior Director | Microsoft Security Response Center, Trustworthy Computing

Chris Betz is the senior director of the Microsoft Security Response Center in the Trustworthy Computing Group at Microsoft Corp. In his role, Betz leads the company’s security response team responsible for detecting and addressing all software vulnerabilities in Microsoft products, services and devices. In addition, Betz manages engagement with different product teams within the Microsoft community, as well as external researchers, to pre-emptively identify security threats and help protect customers.

Before joining Microsoft, Betz served as vice president of information security for CBS Corp., where he led the company’s information security practices. Before that he worked in a variety of leadership roles in the federal government. His experience includes leading cyberintrusion and threat analysis efforts, developing information security tools, and running incident response for enterprise organizations. Betz began his career in network operations and security while serving in the U.S. Air Force, and he later co-founded and served as chief technology officer for a digital forensics advisory firm focused on enterprise customers.

Driven by a passion for solving complex security problems, Betz joined Microsoft in 2013 to lead a team of incredibly skilled engineers dedicated to helping keep millions of customers safe from threats and vulnerabilities. The opportunity to work with an extended community of researchers and security experts also drew him to the role.

Betz has a bachelor of science in computer science from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He is originally from Massachusetts and now lives in Washington state with his wife, Taresa, and their Labrador retriever, Lucky.

Dustin C. Childs
Group Manager | Response Communications, Trustworthy Computing

Dustin Childs has been with Microsoft since 2008 and is currently the group manager for incident response communications within the Trustworthy Computing Group at Microsoft Corp. In this role, Dustin is responsible for managing communications for all software security incidents, as well as overseeing communications related to Microsoft’s monthly security bulletin cycle.

Previously, Childs was a senior security program manager in the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC). In that role he focused on resolving issues in the Windows operating system and Microsoft’s developer tools and worked with security researchers and organizations who report security issues to Microsoft.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Childs performed intrusion detection, incident response and information warfare operations for the U.S. Air Force as both an active duty service member and a defense contractor. In this role, he worked to secure and optimize global Air Force networks as a member of the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT).

Childs was drawn to Microsoft because of the company’s focus on constant improvement. The constant challenges and shifting threat landscapes bring new opportunities daily, which keep Childs excited about the impact he can have in this space.

Childs is an avid baseball fan and manages several youth teams. Childs has moved around the country, but still considers Kentucky to be his home. While he misses the easy access to country ham in Kentucky, he enjoys life here in the Pacific Northwest because of the people and small town feel.