Hi all,

We introduced RAP as a service (Raas) this year and discussed it here http://bit.ly/1461z0c along with an overview, we also discussed the differences between RaaS and classic RAP. I wanted to call out the following article over at MSPFE; http://bit.ly/17YpNhv.

You may be wondering why this is relevant? When You work with Microsoft (PFE in particular) to have a RaaS, you own the tool set for 12 months. This means that your report and the remediation steps to fix any issues, are available to you for 12 whole months! You can also re-run the scan should something change. If you have any issues stepping through this post the initial engagement you can engage the RaaS support team as outlined in the MSPFE article.

Hopefully knowing this can allow you to get the most out of the toolset and all of the best practices and experience we share with it.

Mark Sewell – UK PFE