Hi everyone,

I wanted to make you aware of the following changes, in case you missed this!

We have released the first phase of our new ignite online experience – http://ignite.office.com. This portal will be the one stop shop for Ignite events and webcasts, resource distribution, and interactive content to provide attendees a deeper readiness experience beyond the events. Over the next few months we will be adding Resources and Videos, event registration, online eval forms and integration with online courseware in preparation for our FY14 events.

New Site, New Design.



This new site has all the Ignite content we have published on the old site with a brand new look and feel. We have also focused on making sure the site works across devices. While 70% of our current traffic is from Windows PCs, mobile traffic has been growing fast. The new site adopts a responsive design approach, which dynamically fits the content to support different resolutions and desktop, tablet and smartphone form factors (you can see it in action by resizing your browser).

Ignite Events and Webcasts.


There are many local events as well as Product Group (PG) driven content, I suggest you check the site regularly to find out if there are any local events or content that interests you.

We hope you enjoy the site and please register to participate in some of the UK specific events!


Mark – Premier Field Engineer UK