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Free Training  - Microsoft Virtual Academy

We know budgets for training are not what they use to be and that we’ve just had a wave of new products launched.  The Virtual Academy is a great way to get up to speed with our products, learning at a  pace that suits the individual.  I have had some feedback that perception is that this is a site for issuing marketing slide and that’s really not the case.  I bumped into a former colleague the other day who works in one of our key partners.  He mentioned the Academy and how it had helped him skill up on some areas of Windows Server 2012 that were unfamiliar.  Try it, what do you have to lose?  My current score is 1257 let me know if you’re doing better!

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Free Books & How To Guides

There are lots of free books available on Microsoft Technology, I thought I’d collate some of my favourites:

  • Windows 8: Introducing Windows 8 for IT Professionals:

I’m not sure how long this book will be available for free so download early to avoid disappointment:


Introducing Windows 8- An Overview for IT
  Professionals - PDF ebook


  Windows 8-An Overview for IT Professionals – Mobi format for Kindle


  Windows 8-An Overview for IT Professionals – ePub format

  • Windows Server 2012:

There is a great guide to getting started with Windows Server 2012 to be found on TechNet:

Also our own @DeepFat has been getting hands on with some videos with some of the features he likes.  The series can be found here:

  • SQL Server 2012

If databases are more your thing then check out Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012:

I’ve found further free books here:

<Update> one of my colleagues got in touch to say there are even more free books detailed on his blog: