On 14th November, Microsoft Premier will formalise the Problem Resolution support coverage for Severity B incidents to be handled 24X7.

 As you are probably aware, we have been running a pilot in the UK offering 24X7 support for Severity B incidents. Previously, only Severity A/1 (CritSit) issues were covered 24X7 and Severity B and C issues were handled during business hours only.  Microsoft recognised there are circumstances where you need assistance from Microsoft outside of business hours but not in a critical situation as defined by a Severity A/1 (CritSit) and therefore we introduced the Severity B 24X7 pilot in the UK.

Your feedback has told us that this has been a very popular enhancement to the support you receive from Microsoft so much so that we are formalising the change and making Severity B 24X7 support available worldwide.

 The specific benefits to you as a result of formalising this arrangement are as follows:

  • If you require technical support outside of business hours (9.00am to 6.00pm, Monday through Friday), customers can now choose to create the reactive support incident as Severity A/1 or Severity B depending on the business impact (English only). 
  • Severity B reactive support incidents will be handled 24X7 with the standard response goal of 2 hours. 
  • Severity B incidents created outside of business hours will be handled via a callback model to ensure the right engineering resource is assigned for first contact.
  • New Severity B incidents can be opened via Microsoft Premier Online (MPO) or via phone and receive a callback within the 2 hour response goal. 
  • If you simply wish to log a Severity B incident outside of business hours and are happy to pick up working on the incident the following day, you  can do so by ‘opting out’ of the call back by informing the initial response advisor logging the incident, or by selecting the appropriate option on MPO.
  • If you are working with a Microsoft engineer on an existing support incident and would like to continue working after business hours, if the case is a Severity B or above, Microsoft will continue to work with you without having to make the case a Severity A/1 (CritSit). 

Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to improve the support experience for Premier customers.  We believe formalising this enhancement to reactive support provides customers more choice and flexibility in working with Microsoft. 

If you have specific questions about this change don’t hesitate to contact your TAM.


Sarah Stretton

UK Premier Support