80% of IT downtime not due to failure of software or hardware


In Premier we recently analysed all of our Severity A calls worldwide.  What you may refer to as “CritSits”.  The analysis was revealing, although we knew from experience that it was not surprising.  We saw that 80% of all downtime had the underlying root cause attributed to People and Process issues.  That means that 80% of all the Critical Issues our customers faced were wholly preventable.

Areas that are addressed through frameworks such as ITIL and MOF.

My name is Simon Hall (I am a Senior Operations Consultant within Premier’s Service Management Practice) and in this new series on the Premier Blog I will be regularly posting articles that provide a greater insight into our Service Management Practice as well as sharing industry best practice and feedback from our customers.

With 15 years Service Management experience, I work with a wide range of customers to increase maturity, and to define and refine IT Strategy and process, reducing waste within IT by deep diving into the real root causes of failure.


What I will be covering over the next few months

  • Our Service Management approach (covered in this post)
  • Why IT departments are moving towards a real “Service Orientated Approach”
  • How to communicate the Value of Your IT Services by creating a Service Catalogue
  • Describing how Service Mapping can be used to help in defining SLAs, assist in Change and Configuration and Risk Planning
  • Show how ITSM training for staff can drive real benefits and change the way we work
  • ITSM in the Cloud – the implications
  • Measuring Maturity – Benchmarking to measure success


Our Service Management approach


In Premier we are passionate about our customer’s successful delivery of IT.  We recognise that often IT failure is not because of technology, but to people and process.  So we work actively with our customers to drive the benefits of service excellence.  Increasing Service Availability not only makes life easier for IT managers, but it drives real business value. 

We also recognise the investments that our customers make in our technology.  The decision behind that investment is usually a business case for improvement.  We therefore work to assist in the prevention of failure and the optimisation of your IT to ensure that the real benefits of investment pay back.




Which service Management approach do we use?  It does not really matter. 

As consultants we are all ITIL and MOF certified, and use the most appropriate reference material to address your business  needs.  We look beyond the process and help to define for you an approach that suits your business needs.  Because we use the best of both ITIL and MOF we use the best of breed Continual Service Improvement approaches to look beyond IT Operations, and assist in overall Service Strategy, Design and Transition.  Where we need to leave templates and written material we will use MOF material as this material is free to consume and use.


Scalable Resource


We are a scalable resource too with a track record to prove it.  Either as a dedicated or project resource driving large scale service improvement initiatives, to smaller engagements, addressing specific challenges, like implementing Change Management, a Service Catalogue, or Service Portfolio, or helping you with the process of managing Software Updates.

Over coming articles I will be looking at some of the key areas where we provide assistance, and share some real life scenarios of how we have helped our customers.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please talk to your TAM or contact us.

Simon Hall

Operations Consultant

Service Management Practice, Premier Support UK.