Administrators are under pressure to deliver more with less budget and resources. One of the biggest tasks is keeping servers and their associated software up-to-date, but how can you easily determine what to apply without doing hours of research? Since time is at a premium, the affordable Monthly Hotfix Report (MHR) can provide this information (and more) to enable IT teams to spend their time on other tasks. The Monthly Hotfix Report from Premier Support provides coverage for multiple Microsoft products in a single report and can be customised to the needs of  your different IT divisions.

What does the Monthly Hotfix Report provide if you sign up to it?


1. A quick and easy review  of the recently shipped hotfixes 

2. Easy to view Support Lifecycle information in a new graphical format

3. Lists of product releases for the month and upcoming future releases in a one page product specific newsletter.

4. Other releases for IT support managers (i.e., troubleshooting tools and performance tuning whitepapers) 


5. Receive only the information you want to receive, and on the day that best fits your schedule


Do I have to be a Premier customer to get access to this information?

This service is only available to Premier Support customers. If you’re not already Premier support customer and are interested in how you could become one then please contact us.


How do I get access to this?

Speak to your Technical Account Manager (TAM) who can tell you the associated costs and enroll you in the program, ensuring you get the pertinent information for your environment.


Can you send me a sample Monthly Hotfix Report?

Your TAM can send you a sample of the type of report you could expect to receive if you were part of this program.


Hope this helps

Rachael Humphreys

Microsoft Premier Support UK