The cost to a business of a service outage on a mission-critical system can be massive. Calculating the exact cost can sometimes be difficult to quantify, but if it involves not being able to process transactions, interact with customers, or generally do business then you know it is sizeable. Beyond the actual cost of the individual transactions companies have to consider lost productivity, recovery costs, damage to their reputation, penalties incurred and employee morale. With this in mind more and more customers are demanding an elevated level of support for their mission-critical solutions . Driving reliability and high availability is key to supporting these solutions and this is the exact aim behind Premier Mission Critical.

In this article we will : 

  • Introduce our support offering for mission critical systems.
  • Outline what is included in Premier Mission Critical (PMC)
  • Describe what Premier Mission Critical provides

As a service outage on mission critical system can be very costly it is of paramount importance to ensure that the appropriate support is in place to deliver the service. This article will outline Premier Mission Critical -  a relatively new addition to the Premier family,  which provides an elevated level of support beyond the standard Premier contract. PMC is an add on to a standard Premier contract, it is designed to support a specific solution, where the impact of downtime or impaired performance to your organisation would be substantial.

What is Included in Premier Mission Critical?

There are 3 key elements to PMC.

Today PMC is available for solutions built around the following technology areas: 

  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Biztalk
  • System Center
  • Dynamics CRM

What does PMC provide?

  • Proactive monitoring, risk assessments and the change reviews minimising any disruptions to service.
  • A team of senior Microsoft engineers, dedicated to supporting your specific solution.  
  • Direct phone access to the solution support team 24 x7 - not just reactive support but also proactive advice and guidance.
  • Engineers on site familiarising themselves with your solution, getting to know how you and your team work
  • Recommendations on how to monitor the end to end solution, so that any issues can be detected and resolved before they become a problem.
  • Bi-weekly conference call between your own support staff and the Microsoft team to review and discuss any planned changes, voice any concerns or issues that your team have about the solution and review the list of security patches or hotfixes that may be applicable.
  • Quarterley site visit from dedicated solution support team. The agenda for these visits will be scoped around your individual requirements, e.g. they may involve the solution support team delivering bespoke workshops, to advance your team’s understanding of the technology.
  • Critical issue response time of within 30 mins and dedicated critical situation manager

It goes without saying that your Technical Account Manager is an integral part of delivering Premier Mission Critical, they will work with your service manager for the solution and ensure that any risks and concerns are addressed and given the appropriate attention from both our end and yours.

If you would like to learn more about Premier Mission Critical , speak to your Technical Account Manager or Services Executive. If you’re not already a Premier Support customer and hence don’t have TAM but would like to discuss Premier Mission Critical or support in general please contact us.


Rachael Humphreys

Microsoft Premier Support UK