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  • Blog Post: Build an isolated Hyper-V test lab on a Windows 8 machine!

    Windows 8 replaces the older Virtual PC technology with Hyper-V , for a full-featured virtual machine manager, and this allows for some really interesting new networking scenarios. Over at AskPFEPlat , Mike Leary posted a quick guide to setting up a Hyper-V isolated network for testing, on a Windows...
  • Blog Post: 3 Simple Rules to Kerberos Authentication/Delegation SPNs

    aka: " Kerbie Goes Bananas " Note: I keep this content (more) up to date at my Kerberos Troubleshooting Wiki * did until the provider nuked it. Oh well. Before starting, go get the updated SetSPN if you're using Windows 2000 or 2003. Kerb authentication more
  • Blog Post: Getting started with IPv6

    This article has been written by Gregg O'Brien, who works as a Premier Field Engineer in Microsoft Canada. He presents this quick list of resources for getting acquainted with IPv6. It’s no secret to most IT professionals by now that we are quickly exhausting all IPv4 address spaces and will...
  • Blog Post: Field tip: Troubleshooting Outlook stuck on “connecting to Directory”

    This tip comes to you from Frank Plawetzki, who is a Senior PFE based in Germany.  He focuses on Exchange and besides other issues deals with performance and monitoring issues. Symptoms Recently I was troubleshooting an issue where the thread that connects to the global catalog (GC) in the Outlook...