Summary: Tamer Maher El-Sharkawy, a Senior Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, catches up with Lisa Guthrie (Microsoft Technology Architect and Program Manager) to discuss the exciting capabilities of Microsoft’s new SharePoint RAP as a Service (a.k.a. SharePoint RaaS) offering. 

If you have read my previous posts you know by now that I am on a quest to provide you with Technology Best Practices that will bring you a top return on your investment.  This post is no different. Last week I was at a conference internal to Microsoft Premier Field Engineers and while there I was fortunate to have met with Lisa Guthrie, the Program Manager for the very popular SPRAP (SharePoint Risk Assessment Program).

If you are not familiar with this service here is a quick snippet of what this service does:

The Risk and Health Assessment Program for SharePoint Server (SPRAP) has been developed to provide in-depth analysis of your SharePoint Products and Technologies configurations, custom code, and operational procedures, thus uncovering areas that are potential risks to server stability or that do not align with Microsoft best practices. This can help ensure that your environment is configured and managed properly to meet your business needs.

I sat down with Lisa and chatted about the future of the SPRAP program and how it is evolving into an online service called SPRaaS (SharePoint RAP as a Service). Take a few minutes and see what Lisa had to say.

To learn more about the RaaS offering in general, check out Introducing RAP as a Service (RaaS) from Microsoft Services Premier Support.  To find out about the SharePoint RaaS offering in more detail, please feel free to comment below, or contact your Microsoft Premier Support Technical Account Manager.

Written by Tamer Maher El-Sharkawy.  Posted by Frank Battiston, MSPFE Editor.