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Global Foundation Services - Data Center Team

A window into Microsoft's Cloud Infrastructure

July, 2008

  • Reflections on my visit to the US Army War College

    This week I had the honor and privilege of being a guest at the US Army War College as part of their 2008 Strategy Implementation Seminar. The program focuses on strategy and leadership to further prepare the graduates for their future roles as leaders of the United States Military.
  • Data Center Leadership video posted at TechEd

    I recently did a panel at TechEd in Orlando. While there Lewis Curtis caught me for a moment to shoot some questions at me around Data Center leadership.
  • Green Grid Data Center Indicator + CADE = Something useful!

    There are times when two concepts merge and the result makes something better than the whole. It is not unlike the old television commercial where two people collide into each other. One eating a chocolate bar, the other a vat of peanut butter.
  • Struggling with CADE, McKinsey / Uptime Metric (RE-POST)

    I guess I should start out this post with the pre-emptive statement that as a key performance indicator I support the use of CADE or metrics that tie both facilities and IT into a single metric. In fact we have used a similar metric internally at Microsoft. But the fact is at the end of the day I believe that any such metrics must be useful and actionable.
  • Do Not Tighten Bolts

    I have a pretty incredible job. My current role has me leading Microsoft’s efforts at designing, constructing, and operating its world-wide Data Center infrastructure in support of our cloud services initiatives, or more correctly “Software + Services”. There aren’t many people around tasked with this kind of challenge, in fact the number of companies attempting this challenge can be counted on one or two hands.