We are the operations team that runs the sites.

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    You cranked out your best functional specification ever for your Internet web application’s security. It has staggering details about what roles exist for the application and what operations each user can do in each role. Every piece of data in the system has information about what each role can do with...
  • Blog Post: We Herd Cats

    (As the team has expanded its role from being operations based to taking on the additional role of software design and development, we thought it would be instructive to get our PM’s to talk about what they do and how it helps get the bits into production.) So what value does a PM...
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    It all started this past summer, of 2006. I started hearing about the latest sure-fire recipe for conducting software development projects: Scrum . Of course this new-fangled methodology came with many new terms, techniques, and rules to learn. After developing software for twenty-plus years now, I am...