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    //START What do the phrases, "The grass is greener!", "How long did that take?", and, "iiisshhh onnny matter of timmee duuudde, eeat teh red pil!", all have in common? They represent the general context of conversation over drinks at social gatherings or local bars where I share stories of a coding...
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    Introduction – Maybe You Have Been There Too Ok, this could be another pretty dry topic, but here we go anyway. More programmer talk, which can put normal people to sleep. J A while ago I came up with a programmatic solution to a challenge I had faced many times. I imagine this to be a common challenge...
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    (Note: If you have been keeping up with this blog it is probably apparent that the subject matter on this blog ranges widely. We have posts on topics as diverse as debugging .Net applications, web farm administration, Log Parser tips and tricks, upper management messages and today, some coding tips....