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  • Blog Post: Windows Server 20008 Active Directory Certificate Services Upgrade and Migration Guide

    Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) provides customizable services for issuing and managing public key certificates used in software security systems that employ public key technologies. This document discusses the planning and implementation of a Windows Server 2008 AD CS upgrade and migration...
  • Blog Post: Expect more PKI in 2008

    "It really is difficult to imagine a "year of PKI" because PKI isn't your typical technology trend. PKI isn't a standalone security widget, it is a complex infrastructure that must be integrated into existing applications and business processes. Once implemented however, PKI can really improve security...
  • Blog Post: Hold on to Your Keys!

    There have been a few recent incidents of what we previously thought was extremely rare — malware authors using code signing certificates that were issued to companies with good reputations. The high-profile Stuxnet incident included validly signed malware with misappropriated Authenticode certificates...
  • Blog Post: New Microsoft Security Vulnerability Research and Defense blog

    The Security Vulnerability Research & Defense blog’s intent is to provide more information about Microsoft vulnerabilities, mitigations and workarounds, and active attacks. Urs
  • Blog Post: Microsoft calls for talks on Internet trust, safety

    Microsoft today called for broad discussions about the safety of the Internet in an initiative it dubbed "End to End Trust" in a white paper released during the RSA Conference that opened today in San Francisco. In a keynote address at the security conference, Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy...