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September, 2006

  • Anonymous no more...

    "In the age of personal information versus aggregated information collected from search engines and other Internet services, one's privacy can no longer be assured. Mark Rasch looks at a recent Amazon patent application that shows how the laws need to...
  • Analysis of a Spam Trail

    Ever wondered what is behind Spam? How professional the spammers are? How they work? There is a really interesting analysis by BBC News: Roger
  • Mitigate VML-Attacks through ISA

    There is a lot of discussion goiung on regarding the VML-0-day at the moment. Wonder how you could use ISA Server to mitigate those attacks? Read yourself: If you want to automate it...
  • How to disable IE 0-day

    You probably (hopefully) read about the new VML-0-day in IE. Jesper wrote a blog entry about how to disbale this component via Group Policy. This could be a workaround:
  • The Safety of Internet Search Enginges

    This is a pretty interesting study: McAfee looked into the different search engines and the result to often used searches. There they checked the safety of the site that was referred (e.g. the presence of malware etc.). You shoudl read their study yourself...
  • Changes in Threat Landscape

    Since quite some time, I was talking about the changes in the Threat Landscape. I am pretty convinced that the probablity of having something like Blaster or Slammer again is decreasing. This is the good news. The bad news is that threats like targeted...
  • Hybrid Worm

    I think it was a little bit more than an year ago, where there were signs of a hybrid worm. Now it seems that this new sort of attack starts to really materialize. At least F-Secure is telling it. Read yourself: