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Random bits of (hopefully) useful technical information on Windows, with a focus on understanding and troubleshooting.

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  • Blog Post: GDR & LDR : The Next Generation

    Following on from: GDR, QFE, LDR… WTH? Branching Out Service Packs – Levels vs Installers One of the questions I have received a few times after publishing the previous blogs is “how do I see if a given binary is on the GDR or LDR branch on my system?” Pre-Vista this is actually simple to determine through...
  • Blog Post: Branching Out

    Following on from the previous entry regarding hotfix packages and the branches, here is a fictitious product life cycle:     At time T1 the product is released (RTM). After RTM there is a GDR hotfix package “a” released – this package will contain both GDR and LDR versions of the updated...