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Random bits of (hopefully) useful technical information on Windows, with a focus on understanding and troubleshooting.

April, 2010

  • Trust what I say… but make sure you understand what I’m saying

    As a general rule we trust software, to various degrees (based on its source, reputation of vendor, purpose and our own personal sense of paranoia). Some types of software we place more trust in than others because of what it is designed to do – one example...
  • Printers in sandboxes

    Previously I have described how the spooler process can fall over due to any 3rd party module loaded into it: http://blogs.technet.com/mrsnrub/archive/2009/04/24/who-is-more-the-spool-the-spool-or-the-spool-who-follows-the-spool.aspx With Windows 7, and...