In this Q&A, eBECS Marketing Director and founder Stephen Wilson explains why every Microsoft Dynamics partner needs to be at this years’ WPC.

Q. Let’s start with the big question. Why WPC for Dynamics partners?
A. For me, it’s because WPC is the single best place to connect with Microsoft’s top Dynamics people. You get to access the Dynamics specialists you just can’t connect with virtually. And in terms of knowledge transfer and getting insight into the Microsoft Dynamics vision, WPC is unbeatable.

Q. What if you don’t know these top Dynamics people?
A. If you don’t have the contacts, WPC is the place to go and make them. In fact, I’d recommend WPC as the place where Dynamics partners can initiate vitally important new relationships. Forge your connections at WPC and then leverage them to advance your business when you’re back home.

Q.  Isn’t it down to Microsoft PSEs to help Dynamics partners? If I have a PSE what is the value in attending?
A. One of the best things about WPC is experiencing all the support and resources that are available behind the scenes. For example, you can tap into really deep industry or technical expertise, and engage with people and roles you don’t know. This is a fantastic way to get deeper and more specialised assistance over and above what you get from your PSE.

Q. As a Dynamics partner, what has eBECS gained from attending WPC?
A. eBECS won ERP Partner of the Year at WPC 2013 and it was great to be recognised in front of our peers. This year, we’ll be presenting our new automotive solution on Dynamics, and giving a presentation on Dynamics and BI. These sessions are a great way to stimulate conversations, get your name out there and attract attention from the right people.

Q Any tips to help Dynamics partners get the best ROI from WPC?
A. I look at WPC as a way to get 50 days’ work done in 3. I’d recommend partners take advantage of Microsoft resources like the WPC schedule builder. Use it to plan your networking and diarise the sessions that are really important to you. But – and it’s a big but – leave time to be spontaneous too. Follow up opportunities and contacts you make during the event.

Q. What’s WPC’s biggest USP?
A. Our world is increasingly virtual. WPC is the place to redress the balance and get face-time with your contacts. You simply can’t beat shaking hands and having a one-to-one conversation with an important contact. And WPC is a place to humanise our world, too. It’s invaluable to get to know people in an informal context. That’s how real partnerships and friendships are made.

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About eBECS

Stephen Wilson, co-founded eBECS in 1999, eBECS has since grown to be the most successful Microsoft Dynamics partner in the UK, winning Microsoft Global ERP reseller of the year in 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics Reseller of the Year in 2010, 2012 and 2013.

eBECS is a specialist in the design and delivery of solutions for manufacturing, distribution and the
service industries. eBECS delivers world class lean and agile business solutions using Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM and Business Intelligence. Its solutions streamline and integrate processes, minimize waste, optimize the supply chain and manage demand driven operations.

eBECS is a global company with a personal touch, and it takes enormous pride in its large referencable client base including Aston Martin, Amec, Amey, Marshalls, The Royal Canadian Mint and the RNLI.