If you've attended the Worldwide Partner Conferences you'll know the UK Regional Party is popular. Not only because of its creativity but also because it offers some of the best networking -- both with other UK partners as well as Microsoft executives at all levels.

So we're excited to be able to announce this years Party theme. Get ready to experience Prohibition in the US during the 1920s (Think Boardwalk Empire)! So did it stop a good party? Well apparently not! As 'speakeasies' emerged, jazz music played out and a wide mix of people could mingle who under other circumstances may not have been able to. 

Whilst we don't condone illegal activities, this is your time to safely don your Al Capone hat or feather boa and step back to the 1920s when people still pushed boundaries and looked ahead to the future. 

We hope you are ready for what will no doubt be an evening of surprises and socialising. 

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