If you're eligible for Microsoft Managed Reseller Incentive funds you must be sure to have used all existing funds by the Claiming Deadline of 15th June 2014.

This means that you must have completed one of the qualifying marketing activities and submitted your claim and supporting documents by this date at the latest. So, if you have not done so already, now is the time to start planning what activities you want to carry out.

Recent changes to the programme

Additional proof of execution (POE) requirement – POE may now be required as supporting documentation when you submit your claim. Each activity may require different types of POE, so please refer to the specific page in the MRI Guide which details what is required for the activity you have carried out.

Removal of hard copy documentation - You still need to provide supporting documentation, however you no longer need to provide hard copies. All supporting documentation should now be scanned and sent to mrcicoop@microsoft.com.

New support options - The Microsoft Channel Incentives Operations Support Organization is launching new support options for Managed Reseller Partners including Chat with a Live Support Agent, self-help articles searchable by Topic and email submission to a new email address erebates@microsoft.com. Please note the existing support alias (mrcihelp@msdirectservices.com) will be retired and replaced by erebates@microsoft.com.

Managed Reseller EMEA Training Material Resources - We are delighted to announce new Managed Reseller (EMEA) Channel Incentives Training is available now on the Microsoft Managed Reseller Activation Kit site under the title FY14 MRI EMEA Partner Training. This all-new curriculum consists of bite-sized, on-demand, multimedia training packages, designed to quickly get you through common and key tasks. The training also includes material to support the changes to the Proof of Execution (POE) requirements for Coop Claims that have been effective since January 2014.

Q4 FY14 O365 Promotion - Microsoft is offering an incremental incentive in Q4 FY14 (April 1, 2014 thru June 30, 2014) to Managed Resellers for Office 365 and Power BI products sold through Open. The incentive will be made entirely as coop funds, which will be available to claim against approved activities during H1 FY15 (per standard coop program guidelines).

New MRI Claims Process

FY14 H2 claim deadline 15th June 2014.

  1. Decide on a qualifying marketing activity listed in the MRI Guide
  2. Refer to the activity detail page in the guide that lists expenses that can be claimed, core requirements and required proof of execution (POE) and supporting documentation and ensure you will be able to meet these requirements. 
  3. Submit your claim for reimbursement in the MRI tool by completing the online claim form
  4. Send your supporting documentation to mrcicoop@microsoft.com  

MRI Programme - Webinars

If you would like to understand more about the MRI process or how to use your funds we are holding some webinar in May!

Thursday 29th May, 11am-12pm - Register here
Title: MRI Program – Updates, Claiming & How to Spend Your Coop Funds
Description: Learn about key updates and changes to the program for FY14 H2, important deadlines, how to make a claim and what supporting documentation is required, and what resources are available to you to help build your campaigns and generate leads, followed by Q&A.

Useful Resources:

Managed Reseller Incentive tool:

Managed Reseller EMEA FY14 Coop Fund Guidebook.

New Proof of Execution Process Training

Partner Ready Campaign Resources