As you'll have seen from our previous blog, we’ve been working with GrowthAccelerator to offer Partners expert support in growing your business. You can find out more here but, in a nutshell, GrowthAccelerator can help you get to the heart of the barriers to growth you face, and identify the critical few things that will ensure you overcome them. This could include accessing finance, developing focussed strategies, investing in innovation or developing skills for you and your team.

One of the key benefits of GrowthAccelerator is the opportunity it offers business leaders to meet and do business with each other. From early 2014 GrowthAccelerator clients will be benefitting from GrowthCommunity, an exclusive resource including an online hub and unique member-only events, designed to allow business leaders to connect with and learn from peers.

Currently GrowthAccelerator is supporting over 10,000 fast growth businesses in England across a wide range of sectors and locations. Download this infographic, which offers a full picture of the businesses benefiting from the service and the challenges they face.

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