Operations Manager Management Pack design and authoring from the Microsoft IX Team

Management Pack Development Training

Management Pack Development Training

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This is kind of old news since I’ve had the first lessons out there for a few weeks, but I wanted to wait until we had a substantial number posted before announcing it.  We are working on a complete management pack development training that is being published on Microsoft Virtual Academy.  This is based on content that we have delivered at various conferences and onsite to specific customers over the last several years.

Since this is a training for advanced management pack development, the training is primarily focused on using Visual Studio Authoring Extensions.  We present a sample application early in the training and walk through the creation of a complete management pack through the different lessons.  While we don’t have them posted yet, I am planning on making the Visual Studio solution for each completed lesson available for download.

There are currently 8 lessons available with a couple more in final production.  I’m working to get a lesson or two completed each week, and we will be posting them as they are completed.  From this point forward, I’ll make sure to send a tweet each time we post a new lesson.

  • Nice Brian. Are you going to be at TechEd this year?

  • I will be there. Not presenting, but I will be at the Microsoft booth. Come on by!

  • I am getting very dangerous thanks to you.

  • I'm liking the courses on MVA. Thanks for doing them.

  • I just finished the 8 modules posted. So well done. Eagerly waiting for the next ones. Any time tables? I have a big project that I need to complete around mp authoring and this has been invaluable to me so far to prepare for that.


  • I got diverted on some other activities so got behind in the recordings. Starting the Troubleshooting Discoveries this afternoon as soon as I finish up some new Dashboard content. Then back on track with the recordings next week.

  • Thanks! Really looking forward to it. If there is anything that I can do to help (for free!) please let me know.

  • My goal is to create an mp for a LOB application to monitor services running. The LOB app has 3 different components running on 3 different servers. All of them have a common registry key installed on all servers indicating the app exists. However, each of them have different services running depending on the role. Regarding my discovery strategy, would it be best to start with a "seed" registry discovery for the application, then another registry discovery targeting the seed class looking for the service in the registry to identify what component of the app it is. I see all services for the app on all components listed in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services. Seems like I can do all my discoveries in the registry for this case. Would you say that if I can do all my discoveries in the registry then I should? Many thanks in advance!

  • Answered this here -

  • Any ETA on module 12? I have completed the discovery modules and ready for more!

  • I got diverted into some other work for a bit. Troubleshooting Discoveries is recorded though and should be posted soon. I have Discovering Relationships and Advanced Discoveries ready to go and will be getting those recorded in the next couple of days. Then it's on to health monitoring, which I think is a little more fun.

  • Hello, Brian! I found your training videos very interesting, but they miss the topic I'm very interested in - dashboards. Will you be uploading more new videos to VMA, or this topic is closed already?

  • Hello Brian, your MVA series is very informative. Thanks!
    Is the solution available for download somewhere? That will help a lot as I can play around with the solution, knowing I've a working sample.

  • I will have a lesson on dashboards coming up. Probably sooner rather than later.

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