For Advisor Limited Preview, we (@mscadvisor) have enabled a first class community experience that seamlessly blends into the Advisor Preview Portal’s look and feel. Once logged on to a Preview account, you’ll notice a prominently placed ‘Feedback’ link on the bottom right corner:

Advisor Preview - Overview

When you follow that link, we’ll sign you on to the feedback forum.

Advisor Preview Feedback

Once in the feedback portal, you can:

  • Search for existing feedback, ideas, issues others have encountered. There is also a KB section, which contains ‘quick publish’ articles that have not yet made it into the official documentation or provide additional pointers
  • Suggest product improvements, ideas, report bugs and otherwise communicate with us and with the community
  • See what other people are saying and vote on other people’s ideas/issues
  • Comment, interact with the community of early adopters, learn and share workarounds or tips and tricks and opinions on features
  • go to ‘Settings’ in the right end corner, under your user name, and leave your email – this allows you to be informed when your ideas get comments, or official updates from the product team are posted

Advisor Preview Feedback User Settings


We will respond to all feedback, and we will use it to influence the directions of the product.

Hope to see you all engaged!