Free Windows Server 2008 Dashboards for OpsMgr 2012 and TOOL to help create your own Customized Dashboards

Free Windows Server 2008 Dashboards for OpsMgr 2012 and TOOL to help create your own Customized Dashboards

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In OpsMgr 2012, we provided users the ability to create customized dashboards using the OpsMgr 2012 console. The GTM.exe tool provided in this blog allows you to build off these dashboard investments, in particular we allow you to accomplish three specific tasks that you cannot do via the console.

1.       Turn IT Pro Console created dashboards into shippable MPs by stripping out management group specific parameters (removes MG GUIDs from dashboard MPs)

2.       Provides the ability to have a custom dashboard show up under any Management Pack folder in the Monitoring view.

3.       Have a custom dashboard be launched from the task pane when you pick a specific computer or object.

I have posted two dashboard MP’s, Windows Server Summary Dashboard and a Windows Server Task Pane Dashboard and provided a step by step walkthrough in the (GTM Custom Dashboard Authoring.pptx) of how I created these dashboard leveraging the GTMTool.exe.

Screenshot of the Windows Server Summary Dashboard that you get by importing the “Windows.Server.Summary.dashboard.xml” attached to the blog

Screenshot of the Windows Server Task Pane Dashboard that you get by importing the “Windows.Server.Task.Pane.Dashboard.MP.xml”attached to the blog

Please feel free to post any comments, feedback or questions and I will try and take them as they come in.

I want to thank Sarah the Dev who worked on the tool and Vlad who most of you know.



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  • It will be for business use we have SAGE Line 50 accounting program that we share between 5 PC s and will be adding more. . we run windows 7 and vista . i also need remote access to the server to my PC and SAGE through ipad and iphone app..>Which OS should be the best fr this ?

  • Very nice - well done guys! Another excellent enhancement to OpsMgr dashboards :)

  • I tried to do a Task Pane Dashboards but didn't work.  It is succesfully creating the output management pack but it is not as a task pane one.  Could it be because I used multiple instance in performance widget ? For example, I did a Disk Latency with multiple instance to make sure that if I was clicking on a machine with 2 drives, it would show those 2 drives in the dashboards.

  • Actually, I tried to import your task pane management pack and I don't see the task pane either.  I thought it was because I did not have the proper Windows OS Base management pack version but I just import them and I still don't see it.

  • Great feature! I've posted a blog over on SystemCenterForums detailing my experiences with the GTM tool. One slight issue is that the GTM tool does not work with mutliple dashboards. I had to generate mutliple MPs, and then merge the XML in order to get multiple Task Dashboards within a single MP. Thanks!

  • Sylvain,

    A couple other things I noticed when working with these Dashboard MPs. When you import new Dashboard MPs, the SCOM Console either does not display any of the dashboards, or they display the dashboards, but, the content within the dashboard is sometimes all screwed up. I found, the most reliable thing to do, is to close/open the SCOM console after any time you import a Dashboard MP.

  • Parabens pelo post

  • This is so cool - would be nice to get more blog posts on any kind "light dev" that we can do with dashboards!

  • Thanks for the awesome tool. Creating task pane dashboards is right what I needed. But I have some questions:
    - As far as I tried, this tool doesn't work with any SCCM 2012 R2 UR2 new widgets that were added. It does save changed MP successfully, but when I import this MP back, nothing appears on the navigation pane in Monitoring. So can you tell me about future compatibility with new widgets, please?
    - Creating task pane dashboard also doesn't work when I add original Details widget. Is it because it doesn't target the same object as the other widgets in the dashboard, but shows only contextual selected target details?

    Anyway, thanks in advance for answer and good luck creating new useful products and features!