System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Admin ResKit Released!

System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Admin ResKit Released!

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I am pleased to announce the release of the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Administration Resource Kit.

The System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Administration Resource Kit includes three tools designed to help improve the Operations Manager Administrator experience. Included: Schedule Maintenance Mode, Clean mom and MP Event Analyzer .


Feature Summary

The System Center Operation Manager 2007 Administration Resource Kit provides the following features to aid in management group administration:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Mode - Ability to schedule and manage maintenance mode in the management group.
  • Clean Mom - Helps remove all installed R2 components.
  • MP Event Analyzer - MP Event Analyzer tool is designed to help a user with functional and exploratory testing and debugging of event based management pack workflows like rules and monitors.

The resource kit can be found on the Microsoft Download site here – Link

Quick Overview

Schedule Maintenance Mode is designed to use the Operations Manager platform. Due to this we are able to centrally manage Maintenance Mode instead of using a schedule task solution. Also, all information is stored in the Operations Manager database therefore no information is lost during a disaster if the database has been backed up.

You will find a detailed guide on how to setup and use this tool in the download package.

The tool provides the following features:

  • Ability to schedule any type of object to be placed into maintenance mode in the form of a Job
  • Group support including nested groups
  • Automatically places Health Service Watcher in maintenance with computer
  • Blocks RMS from being placed in maintenance
  • Support for Run Once, daily, weekly, and monthly schedules (including complex scenarios like "second Tuesday of the month")
  • Ability to cancel a maintenance Job where everything will be removed from maintenance automatically
  • History Report

Screen Shots:






MP Event Analyzer


David has heard from friends who have tested MPs for other teams that he needs to be really careful how he tests any Event Log based rules in Management Packs so that he is testing real events, rather than faked ones that may give him false positives.  David realizes that this tool can greatly reduce these false positives be enable him to both make sure that the events he triggers are as close to the real events as possible and that the Management Pack will, in fact, pick up those events.

He launches the tool and notices that there are two tab available to him; Validate Management Pack & Investigate Event sources:


On the Validate Management Pack tab, he is able to load in his team’s Management Pack and have the tool start to validate the different event sources that the MP’s rules are looking for.  In the left pane, he notices that there are a few event sources that the tool has not been able to map directly:


A few click later and the tool is ready to validate the MP rules and David is returned a score card of how his Management Pack maps to the events that his component may generate:


He is able to very quickly determine that a specific rule in his MP is looking for some events in the Event Log that will never get generated.  He quickly opens a bug to have the filter in that rule changed so that it does not look for an Event with an ID of 7015 as that event does not exist in the system :


To enable him to test this again in the future once the bug has been fixed, David right clicks on the rule in question and adds these Events to the Execution List:


Switching over the Investigate Event Sources tab, David is able to configure these events so that the real events are generated with his data:


Once his events are configured, David can use the MP Event Analyzer to generate these events in the EventLog to ensure that the Management Pack is, in fact, picking up the events and generating the appropriate alerts:



David can now save both his Event Execution List and Results and include them in his normal test reports.  He is also able to repeat these tests whenever he wants to ensure that bugs have been fixed and no regressions have been introduced.

As an added bonus, David and his team can navigate all the Event Sources on the system including Windows Event Logs, Crimson Logs, and Hybrid Logs to see if there are any events that could be added to their MP to make it more valuable to their customers:


With Event Sources that generate a large number of events, David can even filter out events:



A command-line utility that enables you to remove any or all of the components of Operations Manager from a local computer in cases where the normal method of uninstallation has failed.

Feature Bullet Summary

1. Fast command line removal of agents.

2. Fast command line removal of server roles.

3. Removal of services associated with Ops Mgr.

4. Removal of registry keys.

5. Removal of Ops Mgr install directories and files.


Rob Kuehfus | Program Manager | System Center Operations Manager

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  • Very nice.  High Five!

  • schedule maintenance mode - this should have been done long time ago

  • Thanks.. it will be very useful..

    Aman Dhally

  • Errors / Questions:

    The file listed in the documentation -- Interop.MOMSCRIPTAPILib.dll is just named MOMSCRIPTAPILib.dll in my folder structure for both x86 and x64

    The Non Recurring Jobs self-delete for me, but not the associated Schedule. It would be nice if they both did.

    Changing the Jobs and Schedule names would be nice, instead of needing to delete and re-create to rename

    I was able to add my RMS to a Job and it flooded the console with alerts about a device exiting MaintMode and then being put back in. RMS should be excluded from the entry list to begin with.

    Stopping a Job in progress took a while to actually return a status that showed rescheduled (non-recurring)

    After the job that was canceled showed canceled and I clicked modify, all the configuration of that job was blank and I had to recreate it. Even after leaving it over an hour, the configuration is still blank and the job remains canceled. It's only after I modify and add configuration back to it, does it become ready to run again.

    Page 18 -- "1. From the Jobs view, select the Job you would like to stop, and then click Stop."

    Incorrect according to the GUI I see. It's "Cancel Job" not "Stop".

    Page 19 -- "If the job is “run once” is will cancel the upcoming job." -- I think that should be "it will cancel"

    Also, the installer wants to put this application in to a \Program Files\System Center\SystemCenter folder. Why is there no space in the last SystemCenter? To match most all other SCOM installs I've seen it should be Program Files\System Center

    Per the MS Link --

    System Requirements

    * Supported Operating Systems:Windows Server 2008;Windows Server 2008 R2;Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1;Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2

    Is that really correct? Is it really only supposed to work on Server 2008? -- Our Dev System is 2008, but our Prod is 2003. I don't want to be spinning my wheels testing something in Dev that won't even work in Prod -- and, I can't just throw it out there and try.

  • This is going to be tremendously helpful.

    One tiny wish on Scheduled Maintenance Mode: I'm having trouble scheduling MM to occur in the afternoon (PM) when the user account's international settings are set to a 24 hours time format (European). The gui won't accept e.g. 21:00 as 09:00 PM but it won't let me enter PM either.

    When altering the user's settings everything works. Would be great if that could be fixed.

    Many thanks

  • I  agree with Raphael.  Please pick up the international setting of the GUI and use that.

    Thanks any way.

  • Maintenance mode can only be set/unset with admin permissions through this tool. That needs to be changed. We do not want to give admin permissions to our operations teams to add/remove schedules.

    It would also be great if the schedule/job could be created/deleted through a command shell (for batching).

  • Followed instructions and Schedule Maintenance Mode  - Scheduled Job did not put object into maintenance.

  • The Schedule MM program is great.  Is there anyway to use the filter to search the path column instead of the Object Name only?  Or be able to sort alphabetically by a column?  When you have 1000 IIS 2003 Web Server objects, it's almost impossible to find the instances you're looking for since the filter doesn't search that field, and you can't sort by path.  Thanks for a great tool.

  • Schedule Maintenance Mode (x64) I haven't tested the functionality but for whatever reason I can't create a recurring weekly schedule.

    Error: System.InvalidCastException: Conversion from string "xx/xx/2011 x:xx:xx AM" to type 'Date' is not valid.


    Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Conversions.ToDate(String Value)



  • I have the same issue with the time setting, a cant set AM/PM or even see it. I use 24h settings on all comps. Please do a fix for us who dont use AM/PM setting or just fix that we can se it.


  • Noticed that if a server and all of its objects are scheduled  to got into maintenance and another schedule is to put an object on that server with its schedule to start during the servers schedule  and run longer than the servers scheduled maintenance the objects schedule never starts. Don't  know if the tool is designed for this scenerio?

  • It appears there is a bug in the MM tool.  If you try to add a large number of servers from a dynamic group it won't take all of the servers.  It will take only the first 10 servers and discard the rest.  There is a thread about it on the SystemCenterCentral site:

  • Removed this after 4 hours.  You guys should have run this through your QA department, or at least let your buddy in the next cube run it a few times.  Most of the issues are listed above, I don't need to go into them again, but they are all easily identified and should/could have been fixed before release to prevent all of us from losing faith in your ability to provide a solid product.  After 4 years of us begging for a MM scheduler, you give us one that has all these obvious problems that even a junior QA person could identify within minutes.

  • Hey everyone,

    Thanks for providing feedback on the tool.  Shortly, I will release an updated MP to address the issue with the limit of only 6 items that can be schedule in a Job.  

    For the issue with the AM \ PM and exception around converting to a date -  This is a US download and was only tested for US locations.  These issue are due to trying to use the tool in another locale .I will look into opening this up to support a 24 hour clock and fixing the coverting to date issue.