Some Sample Reports...

Some Sample Reports...

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Back at MMS this year we presented a session on authoring reports. During that session my colleague Vitaly created a SQL stored procedure that allowed us to create a server overview report showing key server metrics such as Processor Count, Physical Memory, CPU Utilization, Availability and Logical Disk Space.  I have now eventually gotten round to making this report available in sample (non-production J ) form so you can see the approach we took.

This is a useful report as it draws server information from multiple data sources in the DW and presents them in a clear tabular form. It also enumerates all logical disks and presents their storage usage:

The report and the relevant stored procedures that it uses are in the Sample MP attached. Simply import and give it a go. Requires R2 RTM.

This report takes  group as a parameter and I also wanted to share this query as I have been asked about it several times. This returns a list of all groups similar to what you would see in the groups tab under authoring in the console.

SELECT DisplayName FROM vManagedEntity

Where ManagedEntityTypeRowID in (


SELECT ManagedEntityTypeRowID from dbo.ManagedEntityDerivedTypeHierarchy


SELECT ManagedEntityTypeRowId from vmanagedentitytype

Where managedentitytypesystemname = ''),0))

ORDER BY DisplayName

Lastly there is a second report in the Sample MP that allows you to view alerts generated by a particular MP:


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Daniel Savage

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  • Cool Daniel, always appreciate reports like these. Question though, where are these reports going to present itself?   Can't spot them in any of my Reporting folders.

  • It always any delay from import report MP to publish it on RS.

  • I saw it in Sample.Report.Library.

    But report is actulaly empty. I will inwstigate later why (I not test it in details but I expect that configuration with in-place upgrade RTM -> R2, with leaving WS 2003/SQL 2005 not migrated to SQL 2008 can be not supported).

  • The reports should appear in the Sample Report folder under reporting. If they do not please check the RMS Operations Manager event log for any data warehouse deployment issues.

  • Waited 24 hours and my report is empty also.  We currently collect this data the hard way, so I would LOVE to use this!

  • Do you mean the report folder is empty, meaning the report did not get deployed or you run the report and no data is shown?


  • The report ran, but no data is shown.

  • For my env.: It works properly for specific group (containing Windows Server Operating system, not  for all group which contains similar objects, like i.e. AD Domains Controlers Group (Windows 2003 Server)).

  • thanks Daniel for this nice reports. I was able to import and run reports. But when I run the Server Overview Report I am not getting Disk Size GB. No data is shown at that field? is there any rule or something that needs to be enable for Disk Size GB ?

    Thank you.

  • Thanx for this great report, it would be great if you add a coloumn of memory % utilization in this report. i will be waiting for this

  • hi.. nice reports. unfortunately the cause issues with the visio addin.

    when your report is imported it is not possible to use 'Other Classes' dropdown menu anymore. this seems to be caused by a missing displayname in your MP. after editing the name of the MP in the properties the displayname gets set an the visio addin works again.

    maybe you want to fix that in a later version.

    thanks and keep up the good work.