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Notification Test Tool

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The Notifications Test Tool is a simple tool you can use to test your notification channels and subscriptions.  This tool can be used to test email (SMTP), Instant Message (IM) or Text message (SMS) channels.  Also, you can use this to generate a test alert in OpsMgr to test subscriptions.


Install Instructions:


Download and install the OMTestTool.msi to a local directory on your computer. 

Note: This tool must be installed on a computer that has the OpsMgr console installed and run from someone logged as a local admin.  To run the tool you must me a member of the OpsMgr Administrator group.


I have included a small user guide in the zip file.  This tool will work on all version of OpsMgr.  I plan to update this tool to support multiple channels types that R2 now exposes when I get some time.


Note: If you are running this tool on an OS where UAC is enabled please make sure to right click and run as Administrator.




Rob Kuehfus | System Center Operations Manager | Program Manager




This utility is supplied "as -is" with no support.  In addition, my thoughts and opinions often change, and as a weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point in time snapshot you should not consider out of date posts to reflect my current thoughts and opinions.

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  • Really Great Tool!!! Very hopeful for me! Thank You Guys!

  • Well the tool looks great and very helpful.

    But I somehow can't get the alert generated. While installing, repairing, it keeps giving and error of some .NET.  The tool runs fine, but no alert on the console is generated.. nor paged/emailed..

  • Ignore my Post above.. I had to do the right click "Run-As" and it worked fine..

    Thanks for the great tool..

  • Some tools that have been released recently that should be checked out. Notification Test Tool I've

  • Awesome tool! Worked great! Sure beat's Microsoft's ridiculous way of doing it by creating an event log entry and triggering it. Hey MS how about just building this into the app so its easy for admins to test. This seems so basic its shameful a product as powerful as SCOM doesn't have something built in.

  • Is there a version that works with SCOM 2012?

  • Said!

  • Hi Rob,
    Did you update the tool for 2012 R2?

  • Does anyone know how to make this work with 2015?

  • Not working for me. SCOM 2012 R2. How to test it ?

  • Oh man :( thats too bad it does not work witk SCOM 2k12

  • Not work whith SCOM 2012R2.
    Who knows when there will be a similar utility, but works with SCOM 2012R2?

  • I think my request will be ignored as well. Any tool for 2012 R2?

  • Installed this tool on a W2K12 R2 server running SCOM 2012 R2 RU6 and it doesn't appear to work. So I'd be interested in knowing if any new tools or processes have been discovered to aid in this process.