Notifications Update Alert History Tool

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One of the challenges we face when working with notifications in System Center Operation Manager is figuring out if a notification subscription was triggered and who received it.  Currently in OM2007SP1 and OM2007R2 we do not record when the notification was sent and who received the message.

The following tool in the download link below uses a combination of a command notification channel and a command line tool to update the alert history of any alert that meets the subscription criteria.  All you need to do is make sure this command notification is a part of the subscription.  Please click on the link to download the setup instructions and tool.





This utility is supplied "as -is" with no support.  In addition, my thoughts and opinions often change, and as a weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point in time snapshot you should not consider out of date posts to reflect my current thoughts and opinions.




Rob Kuehfus | System Center Operations Manager | Setup and Deployment Program Manager


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Notifications Update Alert History Tool

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  • This is a great tool.. But not sure if it works on the 2007SP1..

    I can't figure out how to create the channels??

    Admin/Setting/Notification/Channel? I see only recepient and subscription..

  • In SP1 you need to click on Settings, then notification to create channels.



  • Gotcha.. Thanks rkuehfus..

    is there any similar document for SP1? The guide along is for R2.. and I am stuck at the Notification account to be created..



  • Rob,

    It looks to be a great tool...

    I tried to configure the Notifications Update Alert History Tool as per the document with Opsmgr SP1, but it looks to be not working. Is there a log ot some way I can troubleshoot this tool....


    Manickam A.

  • Thanks Rob, that works on command line. But it's not working when I configure on SCOM.

    When I configure, I use the below command line option as per the document.

    /S /N $MPElement$ /A $Data/Context/DataItem/AlertId$

    Can you please confirm, if $MPElement$ is correct, as its going to give the subscription name not ID. Your document talks on subscription name and help also gives the subscription name..



    UpdateNotificationHistory [/S[erver] <RMSservername> /N <Subscription ID> /A <Alert ID>

    Example of usage:


    UpdateNotificationHistory /S /N Subscriptionec3ab085_06d6_4d1a_95b2_4d79b9699b42 /A 40cd44a3-4d40-4aa9-8050-53deff0b00a2

    The command above updated the alert history with the name of the subscription and recipients name.



    Manickam A.

  • Nice catch!  I will have to update the example at some point.  Are you using the default action account or have you configured the notifications runas profile?  If you are specifying an account in the runas profile make sure this account is an OM Admin.


  • I use the runas and it’s already member of “Operations Manager Administrators” profile. I couldn’t dig anything apart from no entry on the alert history tab. I did everything as per the document. I created a runas account called "Notification Update Alert History" and added it to default "Notification Account" profile with RMS server.

    This tool may help us in many dimensions, like log who received the notification and who is account for specific alert.


    Manickam A.

  • Manickam,

    Let's take this offline.  Please email me at rkuehfus at  I am going to updated the tool with some logging to help track down why its not working for you.  I will email you an updated tool once its complete.

    I really do appreciate you taking the time to assist in testing the tool and doing some troubleshooting.

    Once I get to the bottem of this I will update my blog with a newer version of the tool.


  • Some tools that have been released recently that should be checked out. Notification Test Tool I&#39;ve