SQL Server MP version 6.0.6569.0 is now released!

SQL Server MP version 6.0.6569.0 is now released!

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The OpsMgr team is glad to announce that the most recent update to the SQL Server MP (version 6.0.6569.0) has been released to the MP catalog!  This update provides fixes to key customer problems and also includes many significant updates to the guide as well.  Following is the list of changes to the MPs themselves, and everyone that uses this MP should definitely take a close look at the guide as well to see all of the new information that has been added:

·        Fixed performance issues caused by excessive CPU utilization and script timeouts from Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) queries in the following management pack discoveries: Discover SQL Server 2005 Database Engines (Windows Server), Discover SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (Windows Server), Discover SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (Windows Server), Discover SQL Server 2008 Database Engines (Windows Server), Discover SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services (Windows Server), Discover SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services (Windows Server).

·        Fixed an issue where SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services and Reporting Services discoveries were not reliably discovering these objects on instances of SQL Server that did not have the Database  Engine installed.

·        Removed the hard-coded exception in rules and monitors that prevented the monitoring of the System, Temp, and Master databases.

·        Improved the means by which database discoveries recognize auto growth enabled settings. Database discoveries now recognize both “KB” and “%” growth settings; previously the database discoveries recognized only the “KB” growth setting.

·        Corrected typographical errors in product knowledge and improved the quality of the text.


Anyone using the management pack to monitor clustered installations of SQL components should also read the "On clustered SQL Server, Management Pack discovery scripts time out for SQL Server Database Engines, SQL Server Analysis Services, and SQL Server Reporting Services" known issue listed toward the end of the guide.  This will give you guidance on how to override the timeout value on the discoveries to best work with your clustered configurations.


If you have any cheers or jeers feel free to share them with us at the microsoft.public.opsmgr.sql newsgroup.

-Cory Delamarter


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  • This may be old news to some of you but the Operations Manager product team recently updated the SQL

  • can someone please explain why with this release I am now required to load the deprecated SQL-DMO onto my nice, pristine, SQL 2008 instances? What changed, and what functionality was built that could only work with SQL-DMO?

    To the best of my knowledge, the previous MP did not require SQL-DMO, and appeared to be working just fine.

    Any plans to strip out the DMO in an updated MP, so that I am not forced to add deprecated features to my new instances?

  • SQL-DMO is actually required for the SQL 2005 MP as well, but since SQL-DMO is installed out of the box with SQL 2005, there wasn't the additional step required of installing it as there is with SQL 2008.  The reason that SQL-DMO is not installed on SQL 2008 is because the SQL team is going to deprecate it in a future release.

    We knew upfront that carrying the dependancy forward for SQL monitoring was not an ideal one (especially given the new step for deployment) but the risk of taking the SQL-DMO dependancy out at the same time as we were picking up support for SQL 2008 was too much.  In otherwords, the approach has to to take it slow.  As the SQL team draws up plans for the future of the SQL MP, getting rid of it's reliance on SQL-DMO is defintely high on the list of changes to make.

    I should ass, that the SQL 2008 MP will work without SQL-DMO installed.  The most significant functionality that would not work would be the data file/log file related discovery and monitoring.

  • Just to let you know, having to install SQL-DMO could be a show-stopper for implementing the 2008 MP. We're working with our server admin teams to get the install done, but we're unable to monitor our 2008 instances until the negotiations are complete. The sooner that can get taken out, the better.

    Thanks for getting the new MP out though!

  • How about just releasing a SQL 2008 MP by itself ? This would be especailly nice for environments wherre a lot of work was performed to get rid of prior versions.  

  • ah and how about getting spell checker here :) bad pun I know