Using SiteName when deploying gateways to help manage alerts

Using SiteName when deploying gateways to help manage alerts

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When deploying the Operations Manager gateway role you can tag the gateway with a Site name.   Any alerts coming from an agent reporting to this gateway will now have it's "Site" property populated with the site name you configured when deploying the gateway.  This can be really handy for building specific alert views and sending notifications. 

High level steps for deploying a gateway with a site name (Note: Deployment Guide Detailed steps are located here - Link):

  1. Request certificates for any computer in the agent, gateway server, management server chain
  2. Import those certificates into the target computers by using the MOMCertImport.exe tool
  3. On the Management server you plan to have the gateway report to, run the gateway approval tool.
    Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.gatewayApprovalTool.exe /
    /SiteName=MyDMZSite /Action=Create  
  4. Install gateway software on gateway server.


Now you can create a new alert view in the monitoring space and configure "from a specific site" to the name of the site you configured when running the tool.  As an added bonus, in Operations Manger R2 you can easily configure notifications to use the "from a specific site" alert criteria from the Subscription wizard.   You can customize the format of the subject to display the name of the site by using "Site: $data/Context/DataItem/SiteName$" parameter.


Hope you find this useful.


Rob Kuehfus | System Center Operations Manager | Setup and Deployment Program Manager



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  • great tip - Thanks - if I only new ... anyway to change/set the sitename after the gateway has been deploted

  • The command line tool does not support a "Change" action.  You could delete and re-create the gateway with the sitename filled in.


  • The Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 team blog has a great post on using SiteName when deploying

  • Feed: The Operations Manager Support Team Blog Posted on: Monday, March 09, 2009 9:30 AM Author: jchornbe

  • Thanks for the info of this nice feature. Not very elegant though to reinstall gateway role for this purpose.

    Is it safe / supported to update the column "Sitename_AAAAAAAA_BBBB_CCCC_DDDD_EEEEEEEEEEEE" to the OperationsManager database through view "dbo.MTV_HealthService"?

  • This is a good feature, but agree that you shouldn't have to reinstall to get the site name added.

    Would also be fantastic if you could assign a site name to all management servers also! This would be great for a deployment across multiple Data Centers.

  • Leiram, there is actually the setting on the database for every health service, including all the management servers and agents. It just depends on how the setting should be used...

  • We've been using this across 35 GW's in a service provider scenario for over a year now.

    There are some alerts from clusters and AD that will not have the site name populated.  Something to do with the type of class and a relationship with the site name object...