I just realized that we had not created a KB article for this issue so I thought I would blog about this issue while the KB article is in the process of being published.

Issue: If you install reporting and then install a secondary MS then it will not be able to write DW data as profiles are not created by setup.

Symptoms: You get alerts that say the 2nd management server can’t write to the DW using the server action account – but we’re using the same server action account on both management servers. 

Fix: So to fix this manually you have to open the Console then Navigate to Administration View expand the security node. Select the Run As Profiles option, in the right hand view select the Data Warehouse Account and right click and choose Properties then select the Run As Account Tab. See if the Second Management server name is listed (most probably no) if not click New and specify the name of the second management, this should fix the issue. You should see Event ID: 31554 when this is successful. Note: This bug is fixed in Service Pack1 of OpsMgr 2007

-       Satya