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  • Blog Post: MOF v.4 IT Service Lifecycle Defined

    Development has continued at a frenzied pace over the past couple of months on the MOF update and we do have some work to show for it. But before I present the MOF IT Service Lifecycle, its phases, and our new graphic, I'd like to review a few of our core design principles with you to make sure we're...
  • Blog Post: The Operations and Support Phase of the MOF Lifecycle

    We have now spent some time talking about IT Governance as well as the Business IT Planning phase of the lifecycle and so I wanted to jump ahead a bit from planning straight into the Operations and Support phase of the lifecycle, with emphasis on the Operations piece. Please understand that I am intentionally...
  • Blog Post: The Plan and Optimize Phase of the IT Service Lifecycle

    Picking up from the last posting where I detailed our overall approach to the IT Service Lifecycle and briefly discussed the purposes of each of the four phases, today I wanted to drill into a bit more detail into the Plan and Optimize (P&O) phase. And while names have changed since I originally...
  • Blog Post: The Purpose of IT Business Planning in the New MOF

    IT business planning is an increasing important topic in the world of today's IT professional. We continuously see problems arising from not including IT operations early enough in the planning process which leads to services being designed with little thought given to operational concerns and serviceability...
  • Blog Post: Corrected URL for MOF beta materials on Microsoft Connect

    The previous post about the latest MOF beta package had the incorrect link. Try this one instead.