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  • Blog Post: Project Hana (MOF v4) updates Beta Release

    The Frameworks team continued its journey along the winding road to Hana by releasing a significant beta update this past Friday. With this release we have now released initial versions of every core Service Management Function (SMF) with the exception of the Team Model, which I can assure is coming...
  • Blog Post: MOF Update = Project Hana

    The MOF Update has now moved into the earliest stages of our beta / Request for Comment period and as such has graduated from the generic MOF Update name to an official Microsoft codename. All of the update work to Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is now being...
  • Blog Post: Announcing: The Release of Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0 and the new MOF Online Forums

    Hi all. I wanted to let everyone know about two exciting announcements. At MMS, the MOF team has announced the relesae of Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0 and the new MOF Online Community Forums , a new online home for the discussion of of all things related to MOF, service management, ITIL, IT governance...