We’re pleased to announce our latest releases—a collection of workbooks, guides, and action plans designed to facilitate organizational improvement. This combination of resources builds upon the guidance offered in MOF 4.0, providing specific examples of the application of MOF concepts.


The following resources are now available for download:

·        Continuous Improvement: A MOF Companion Guide

·        MOF Action Plan: Standard Changes

·        MOF Reliability Workbook for Microsoft Application Virtualization

·        MOF Reliability Workbook for User State Virtualization

·        Using Standard Changes to Improve Provisioning: A MOF Companion Guide


To learn more about these new MOF guides and action plans, visit the MOF Extended Guidance page in the TechNet Library.

To learn more about the reliability workbooks, visit the MOF Technology Library page in the TechNet Library.

For additional MOF content, visit the MOF home page or the MOF TechNet Library page.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in MOF 4.0. We hope you’ll download these latest releases, and we look forward to your feedback on future projects!