Since MDT 2010 Update 1 was released, I’ve been intending to write a series of blog postings talking about the changes that have been made.  While my intentions were good, I’ve been too busy to really act on them.  So I’m going to force myself to do this one posting, and hope that encourages me to keep going from there…

You’ve already seen the list of new features mentioned in the official announcment, so I thought it would be good to list the scripts that were actually changed in Update 1.  I do intend to talk about why some of those have changed, but that will need to come later – right now, I want to just focus on the list.

So which have changed?  Well, all of them – but that’s only because the build number is embedded in the scripts by our build process, so you’ll see that all of the scripts have been modified so that they say “5.1.1642.1” instead of “5.0.1641.0”.  So let’s look past that and focus on the ones that had real changes:

  • BDD_Welcome_ENU.xml
  • Credentials_ENU.xml
  • DeployWiz_Definition_ENU.xml
  • DeployWiz_Initialization.vbs
  • DeployWiz_Validation.vbs
  • LiteTouch.vbs
  • LiteTouch.wsf
  • LTIApply.wsf
  • LTICleanup.wsf
  • LTICopyScripts.wsf
  • LTISuspend.wsf
  • Summary_Definition_ENU.xml
  • Summary_Scripts.vbs
  • Wizard.hta
  • WizUtility.vbs
  • ZTIApplications.wsf
  • ZTIAuthorizeDHCP.wsf
  • ZTIBackup.wsf
  • ZTIBcdUtility.vbs
  • ZTIBde.wsf
  • ZTIConfigFile.vbs
  • ZTIConfigureADDS.wsf
  • ZTICopyLogs.wsf
  • ZTIDataAccess.vbs
  • ZTIDiskpart.wsf
  • ZTIDrivers.wsf
  • ZTIGather.wsf
  • ZTIGather.xml
  • ZTIGroups.wsf
  • ZTINicConfig.wsf
  • ZTINicUtility.vbs
  • ZTIOSRole.wsf
  • ZTIPatches.wsf
  • ZTISCCM.wsf
  • ZTIUserState.wsf
  • ZTIUtility.vbs
  • ZTIValidate.wsf
  • ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf

OK, so maybe it would have been easier to list the scripts that weren’t changed.  As you can probably tell from the list, the changes were rather widespread, sometimes to fix bugs, sometimes to add enhancements based on your requests, and other times to support new features.  Some of these changes were fairly minor, others were more substantial (more details on the actual changes to come later).  Regardless, if you’ve modified any of the MDT scripts, you’ll want to save a copy of your modifications and then compare them against the new scripts (after upgrading your deployment shares or toolkit file packages) to see how to integrate your changes, or even if they are still needed.

There were also some new script files added (all used by the new UDI scenario):

  • UDIWizard.wsf
  • UDIWizard_Config.xml
  • UDIOffline.xml
  • ZTIConfirmDiskpart.vbs
  • ZTIErrorMsg.wsf
  • OSDStartTime.vbs
  • OSDEndTime.vbs
  • OSDBranding.vbs
  • OSDBranding64.vbs
  • ZTISetBackground.wsf
  • OSD_BaseVariables.vbs
  • OSDLocalAdmins.vbs

Next up:  Exploring the changes made to the MDT task sequence templates.  That can wait for another day.