March, 2007

  • A discussion about Wake-on-LAN

    Did you know that System Center Configuration Manager 2007 will include support for Wake-on-LAN? See for the full details, as well as Jeff Gilbert...
  • Adding custom tasks to BDD 2007 task sequences

    In BDD 2007, we provide a task sequence that is preconfigured to do all of the activities needed to perform a deployment end-to-end (for Lite Touch, Zero Touch, refresh, upgrade, new computer, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.). However, that doesn't mean...
  • Tips for Integrating USMT 3.0 into BDD 2007

    First, some background information. We use the User State Migration Tool 3.0 as part of the user state migration process in BDD 2007 (both Lite Touch and Zero Touch deployments). Unlike previous versions of BDD, we don't run USMT from the network. Instead...
  • BDD 2007 Overview Demo

    A new BDD 2007 overview demo was posted to the web today, available at . If you don't know what BDD 2007 is and want more information, check it out.