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Ten years ago, Bill Gates sent a companywide memo stating that Microsoft must make trustworthy computing the highest priority for the company and for the industry over the next decade. He predicted computing would become an integral and indispensable part of almost everything that people do. Bill recognized that Microsoft and the technology industry needed to prioritize security, privacy, and availability to instill trust in computing.

The Trustworthy Computing Next white paper authored by Scott Charney covers Microsoft's security, privacy and reliability vision and key trends driving change across the IT ecosystem. With the 10 year milestone of Trustworthy Computing, the paper outlines not only what has come to pass, but the focus for TwC Next.

The whitepaper is available in a number of languages:

English Chinese(Simplified) (zh-CN)  Chinese (Traditional) (zh-TW)
Dutch (nl-NL) French (fr-FR) German (de-DE)
Hungarian (hu-HU) Italian (it-IT) Japanese (ja-JP)
Korean (ko-KR) Polish (pl-PL) Portuguese (Portugal) (pt-PT)
Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-BR)   Russian (ru-RU) Spanish (es-ES)
Turkish (tr-TR)


For further information and resources on TwC Next, visit the Trustworthy Computing web site.