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June, 2006

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  • Interesse an einem Wettbewerb? (Desktop Installationen von Vista mit SMS)

    Ich spare mir einfach mal die ganze Übersetzung und kopiere hier den Originaltext herein:

    Operating System Deployment Contest


    Microsoft would like to announce the "OSD Deployment" contest.  The contest is open to any Microsoft customers. You must be enrolled in the SMS 2003 OSD FPU open beta program.  You can enroll in the program on connect.microsoft.com by choosing the available connection "SMS 2003 OSD Feature Pack Update - Open Beta".  The contest will start today and run until the July 7th


    You will need to sign on to the connect site at: https://connect.microsoft.com

    Once you have signed on to connect you will be able to follow this link:  https://connect.microsoft.com/availableconnections.aspx

    Then select the Program with the name: "SMS 2003 OSD Feature Pack Update - Open Beta"




    To participate in the contest you will need to install SMS 2003 OSD FPU into your lab environment and deploy either Windows Vista or X64 bit clients to the lab.  The first 25 Customers to complete 25 or more unique deployments and file 3 bugs or 3 DCRs, will receive a 512 MB memory stick from Microsoft.  A unique deployment is considered one workstation.  You can file your bugs\suggestions (DCRs) through the connect feedback menu option.  You will need to use the Submit Feedback link displayed at the top of the feedback page.  Bug\DCR submissions will be counted toward your total after a review by the product team. 


    Example Unique Systems:  You deploy 10 operating systems to the same device this is considered a single unique deployment.  You deploy 10 operating systems to 10 different devices, this is considered 10 unique deployments.


    How to Enter:


    To enter the contest simply deploy the required number of workstations in your LAB environment.  You can then send a screen shot that shows the results of your OSD Deployment to smscust@microsoft.com.  We will also need your name, the name and address of your company, your handle, and the titles of the Bugs\DCRs that you have submitted.  We will then send you a script that you will need to run on the SMS site server that will verify your deployment totals.  You will need to return the results to smscust@microsoft.com for final verification of deployment totals. 




    If you have any questions about the contest or its rules please send an email to SMScust@microsoft.com with the subject line of "SMS 2003 OSD FPU Deployment Contest".

  • Ich lebe noch...

    Circa einen Monat nichts Neues - was war los? Eigentlich nichts schlimmes. Ich war ca. 3 Wochen mit dem Abbau von Urlaub beschäftigt und danach direkt wieder auf Tour (Desktop Deployment). Jetzt kehrt so langsam der Alltag wieder ein.