Got this in my mail from John Hathaway, who like me, laments the inability of hardware vendors to re-release/update their driver installers to work with Windows 7. I blogged about this some time ago but John has updated it further.

Here's his feedback:

“…Anyway, I put together a small instruction pack similar to yours, but will update Windows 7 to use the CM1312 as a network-only printer. HP CM1312 64bit Windows 7 Retail install.

1) Download: CM1312series_full_solution_v5.0_AM-EMEA.exe (306 MB)


2) Use the full download from the website and it self extracts to your root directory.To run the self extracting file, first set the compatibility mode to Vista sp2 and run as admin.

3) The files remain and you can find them here:


4) Set the compatibility mode to Vista sp2 and run as admin on the Setup.exe.

5) Run the full install. Works for both usb or network.

6) Enjoy! =^_^=…”