I mentioned previously that I might be attending TechEd Europe this year to present on Windows Server 2008 R2 Group Policy changes. Well its confirmed. I am definitely coming! (Yeah!!)

So I started to think about what you might like to see from my sessions....and rather than me guess about what you want to see, Im going to turn it over to you to make the call. I want to hear from you!! If youre planning on attending TechEd Europe and youre interested in this session how about you just comment on this blog entry with what you want.

If your content idea makes it into my session, I promise to give you kudos for your idea and may even bring gifts along if I can get the marketing guys to give me stuff (no promises there as they are a pretty cheap bunch :) )

My current core ideas are:

  • A brief recap on the work done in Vista/WS08 (as many customers didnt deploy that and dont know about all the cool stuff we did in it)
  • Some GPP changes
  • The new GP Powershell work
  • Coverage of some of the new GP extensions
  • Any known impacts in moving from XP/2003 to W7/WS08R2

The details of each of these areas and any extra ideas I will leave up to you! (BTW - If I dont get any feedback I will just do what I had planned with my own ideas :) )

Let the feedback roll in!

Michael Kleef, Program Manager