In the past three months I have been here in the US Ive been discovering lots of things. Some good and some bad stuff.

Today is the culmination of one of the most ferocious amount of campaigns Ive seen. I say campaign(s) as in Australia when its election time its generally for one thing at a time, state or federal elections - and of course we all know about the fight for the US presidential election race tpday which Im sure we all have an opinion on.

But the amazing thing here is that at the same time, theres other battles going on. The state government is having its elections. Theres votes on major initiatives such as the debate on legalizing euthanasia for terminally sick people and major transport reforms and investment. All of these need voting on and all of them are vying for people's votes. All at the same time. Its ferocious. And overwhelming. And insane.

Last night on TV, on every channel, there were no product advertisements, just political petitioning for peoples votes. They were slinging mud, making accusations, telling you just how wrong the other side is and painting a fearful picture of what will happen should you vote for the other team. What Ive noticed in none of the ad's is what they actually stand for and what they actually promise to acheive. Its the most bizarre thing Ive ever seen. And its not just the actual candidates doing these ad's either - its various different groups each with their own agenda. Its little wonder so little people vote....its too hard to choose! I really dont know how they know who to vote for.

Personally Ill be just glad when its all over...and Im sure a lot of people here will be too.